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"Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground"

I've been working on something a little new. Yet rather old in inception. My desire has been to create a wondrous work of creative writings, inspiring devotions and  authentic expressions of life experience.  I have file cabinets filled with all the hopes to be finished. And little by little I pray to share a little of God's heart.

I fell in love with photography in my first college class at Bama. It was one of those classes I took just for fun. I had no idea then how it would change the course of my life. I have been a photographer for more than 20 years. It is a thrilling passion and a delightful joy.

Every home has a wonderfully unique personality. I specialize in expressing the captivating character of every home. At the Beach, On the Bay, In Town & All Around. My camera loves homes!

Where I live there are so many beautiful scapes to see. At the Beach. On the Land. In the Sky. At the Water.  It thrills my soul every time I encounter an exquisite scape for my camera to capture.

I've been chasing sunsets for a long time. No two are ever the same. The experience of watching the sun fall into the water melts my heart every time. As the clouds change color my camera cheers. 

We are all so busy! Lots of places to go, things to do and people to see. Life can be overwhelming! Sometimes I find that sweet unexpected place of joy that makes me glad I carry my camera. 

The heavenly pink dragonfly